2021 KAYAK Travel Awards

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Easily embed your hotel badge on your website and share your award on social media to let travelers know how great your service is. Please note that you assume all responsibility and liability for implementing your digital award badge on your website.

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Frequently asked questions

  • The KAYAK Travel Awards promotes top-rated accommodation properties and encourages more travelers to trust and stay at these properties. The KAYAK Travel Awards is based on reviews and ratings from real travelers.

  • Properties that have earned a badge, certificate, and social templates are permitted to use the assets to promote their services.

    The KAYAK Travel Award badges can be embedded and displayed on a property's website to show travelers that they've been recognized in the Travel Awards. Each visitor to your website is a potential customer, so be sure to let them know that travelers have rated you as a top accommodation.

    The KAYAK Travel Award certificate can be printed and displayed in the property lobby or it can be added to the website to be displayed digitally.

    The KAYAK Travel Award social templates are suggested social media templates that accomodation properties can easily use and share if they would like to on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The suggested copy is only a suggestion and properties can change and post the copy as they see fit.

  • In order to qualify for a 2021 KAYAK Travel Awards hotel badge and certificate, a property must have had a minimum of 50 reviews with a minimum overall rating of 8.

  • To add a KAYAK Travel Award badge to your site, after selecting a target "Size" and "Theme" option for the badge, simply copy and insert the badge Embed code into the source code of the page on your site where you want the badge to display.

  • You can visit https://www.kayak.com.ar/hotelowner to make adjustments to your existing listing such as changing contact information, amenities, updating photos or removing your listing.

    If you wish to delete pictures provided by one of our partners, or if you have any problems or suggestions along the way, please fill out our feedback form (https://www.kayak.com.ar/k/feedback/form)

  • The badges featured on the hotel listing will be live on your hotel listing until the 2022 version of the Travel Awards is launched. The official website information will remain live once it's activated.